MADE BY PAVLO® is an exclusive minimal streetwear brand conceived in a windowless basement in Queens NY. We believe in going against the grain and purposely choose to ignore the seasonal collection cliché followed by most of the streetwear & fashion industry. We only release a few pieces every year at a more premium price point. As a brand, we started out only designing and producing hats, but we have branched out into making some more limited apparel pieces such as hoodies, jackets, tees, shorts, and a backpack. 

Fun Facts

MADE BY PAVLO® was conceived from a 5,000 year old idea. The inspiration for our brand name came from one of the oldest lost cities to ever exist: A city that is currently buried in the deep waters in Greece and is called Pavlopetri.

Centuries ago, the people of Pavlopetri were said to be in touch with the latest innovations and at the cutting edge of current fashions. With that in mind, we were inspired to rebuild and embody what the people of Pavlopetri once stood for. We chose the name PAVLO (for short) because it simply represents our mission as a company and brand.